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Welcome to the RISC OS USB pages. This site provides resources for users and developers of USB on the RISC OS platform.

Latest News

10/12/2003 Simtec release Version 2.01
22/09/2003 Simtec release Version 1.5
10/05/2003 Simtec give presntation at wakefield show
09/05/2003 Version 1.4 released by Simtec
09/05/2003 USB pen drive from Stuart Tyrrell Developments
08/05/2003 USB printer port dongles from Explan and Stuart Tyrrell Developments
08/05/2003 CameraDesk from Photodesk
08/05/2003 Digiflash2 from Surftec and Stuart Tyrrell Developments
01/04/2003 MP3 player from Stuart Tyrrell Developments
27/01/2003 Version 1.3 released by Simtec
20/12/2002 USB Wireless LAN support from Stuart Tyrrell Developments

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